Monday, June 17, 2013

SuperCool Build Standard Command List for Account Holders

/login - Usage /login <password> Grants permission to commands associated with the account password.

/build - Give yourself permission to build. 

/paint - Use the Sneak Key (Default V) while holding block to change color of block you are aiming at from a distance up to 32 blocks away. 

/wall - Usage: /wall # - Each block you place will place a column of blocks the specified # of blocks high. Using a negative number will build a column down from the starting point. (/wall without a # to toggle off) 

/dw - Usage: /dw # - Each block you remove with spade will remove the specified # of blocks up from the one you destroy. 

/floor - Place a block at each corner of the area you would like to create a rectangular plane. Builds the plane at the height of the first block placed regardless of the height at which the second block is placed. 

/df - Break a block at each corner of the area you want to remove. Removes a rectangular plane. Each corner of the selected plane must be at the same height. 

/box - Usage: /box or /box filled - Place a block at each corner (bottom corner and opposite upper corner) of a rectangular prism to generate a hollow (default) or filled box shape. It is often necessary to first use /wall to have somewhere to place your upper corner block. 

/db - Break blocks at each corner (bottom corner and opposite upper corner) of a rectangular prism to remove any blocks contained within the defined rectangular prism. 

/plane - Usage: "/plane 0 0 x y" where x is the starting position (0 being the point that you place the block and negative values being higher for floating blocks) and y is the ending position. You need to actually type a negative sign to make the wall go up. Positive values in y will go down. Place blocks individually or right-click to line build. (ie: /plane 0 0 -20 -25 will build a 5 high wall 20 blocks off of the ground) Also note that this is a deletion tool when using the spade to remove blocks

/sculpt - Toggles ability to add and remove blocks at a distance by holding a block and left click to add or right click to remove blocks. Can be used with other build commands such as box, floor, wall, etc. (Known bug: May cause blocks to spray uncontrollably if changing tools too quickly.) 

/grf - Set the Gradient FROM Color while holding block. 
/grt - Set the Gradient TO Color while holding block. 
/gr - Toggles gradient drawing on and off. Right-click drag out a gradient line. The longer the line, the more colors between FROM and TO colors. 

/rapid - Toggles the ability to quickly place and remove blocks. 

/teleport (/tp) - Usage: "/tp <username>" - Teleports you to the named user's location. 

/team - Switch yourself to the other team even if that team is locked. 

/unstick - Use if you are stuck inside of blocks. You will be moved to the nearest free area.

For the Quickbuild Enabled:

/qbcopy [colored] - Place blocks in bottom and top corners of a polygon to copy that area of the map.  Orientation will be relative to your position and direction when placing the first copy block. If you do not type "/qbcopy colored" the copied area will have no color data.

/qbsave filename - Save copied area to the server for later use.

/qbload filename - Load saved model.

/br - Place currently copied or loaded model in the map.  Place a block to initiate building.

/qbrecord - Record all blocks that you place and destroy into the quickbuild buffer.

/qbclear - Empty the current quickbuild data.